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Daisy Imprints Charms

Pearl Bracelet

Pearl Bracelet

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Beautiful 7" white pearl bracelets. 

We can confirm the exact style of your bracelet at time of order. Your bracelet can either be pure pearl or it can include gem dividers (both styles pictured). 

Includes optional silver connector to add your bespoke Silver Print Charm. 

Please note: stock levels are very limited!

Charms sold separately

You can order your custom silver prints charms easily online.

Fingerprints, Handprints, Footprints, Animals Prints - add your charms now

Customising your order

Rest assured, I am able to confirm your preference for any of the options as I process your order.

I will contact you after you order to confirm any custom details and to finalise your request. Alternatively, get in touch with me on WhatsApp now.

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Combine with custom silver print charms

Add a silver print charm to your order for the ultimate unique piece of jewellery

Precious jewellery to treasure forever

Order a custom print charm and any item of jewellery to create the perfect sentimental gift.

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  • Over 16 Years of Experience

    I'm Amanda, the founder of Daisy Imprints. I have been handcrafting custom silver print charms and jewellery for over 16 years.

    My mission is to create gifts of joy for people to celebrate their special moments.

  • 100% Satisfaction Gurantee

    I believe in 100% customer satisfaction.

    If you, or whomever you gift your item to, are not completely satisfied with the product, I will help to improve and refine the item.